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Say Happy Birthday or greet a newborn baby with a quality personalised card that stands out as something special. Created and produced in the UK, these cards are unique. Why? Because they open to a selection of intriguing stories of famous people with the same name as your friend or loved one – or their newborn baby. And on the back they can discover the meaning and origin of their name 

3 simple steps to the most original card you've ever sent

1 Select a name from our catalogue 2 Take a look inside and see who's there 3 Put it in your shopping basket

These unusual and carefully crafted cards cost just £3.50. Postage and package in the UK is £1 for any number of cards in the same order

To buy a Hello Baby card, choose the name you want and select either Send to Me or Send Direct. If the image displayed in the Shopping Cart is Happy Birthday, please continue until you reach Confirm Order. Then put Hello in the message box and this is the card that will be sent to you. We’ll send your card by 1st class mail either to you or direct to the person it’s for.



What’s in it for them?

  • Life stories of famous or just fascinating namesakes
  • Space for your message on their special day
  • The meaning and origin of their name explained
  • Where their name has made its mark in the language
  • How popular – or exclusive – the name has been over the years


‘The cards arrived in good time and are just perfect. Thank you.’

 - Liz, west London

'I was thrilled to get a card of my own'

- Jenny, Norwich

'My friend Nick loved his card'

- Lisa, Cheshire



About Us

nameslnk logoNameslink Cards is a British business with some bright ideas. This is our range of unique personalised cards for Birthdays and New Babies that help you in the search for the card that’s just right.

We add to our list of names frequently so even if the one you’re looking for isn’t there, keep an eye on our website or send us an email and we'll keep you informed with regular updates.



What's in a Nameslink

Jessica opening her birthday card

Nameslink Cards are premium quality Happy Birthday cards 16cm square that are personalised to bring your family or friends into contact with fascinating and famous people who share their first name. You won’t find anything quite like them.



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