What's in a Nameslink

On the front card the name is bold and colourful.

Inside we have compiled crisply written biographies of famous people from saints to celebrities with the same name – and there’s plenty of room for your message.

On the back we trace the meaning and history of the name and its popularity often with examples of how it has appeared in literature or folklore.

That’s not all. We know that everyone feels their name is special and that some Williams prefer to be called Bill while some Elizabeths like to be known as Liz. So we can personalise the front of the birthday card for you. Tell us how you would like to see the name and we’ll print it for you. We also offer other greetings: Congratulations, Good Luck and Hello.

Example of our cards

We have chosen Oliver as an example here and all cards look like this. Choose a name and a message from our list and we’re sure you’ll love the card. Click on images below to show enlargement.

Oliver Birthday Card

Inside of oliver birthday card

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