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  • Hello Abigail Card



    Abigail is back in fashion after years of neglect. She’s become super popular in the US and well placed in the UK top 100. The name is found in the Old Testament where Abigail was the wife of King David and she’s been with the world ever since

  • Hello Alice Card



    ALICE is a name that conveys a charming femininity (if we ignore rocker Alice Cooper) that may have much to do with the enduring popularity of the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

  • Hello Alison Card



    Alison provided Chaucer with lots of fun, as the name he gave to the saucy wife in the Miller’s Tale. Very popular in the 70s

  • Hello Amelia Card



    Amelia Enjoyed a spectacular revival during this century to become the number one choice for girls from 2011 to 2014

  • Amy


    Amy gets off to a lovely start in life thanks to the anglicised version of the French aimer, to love, and the Latin amare. So love is all around and we love Amy too.

  • Hello Ann Card



    Ann one of two variants of a name popular through British history, linked to a warm-hearted and generous character

  • Hello Anna Card



    Anna from the Hebrew name Hannah is linked to qualities of warm heartedness and taking on the burden of others

  • Hello Anne Card



    Anne a popular name across the centuries although less prominent in recent years. The Queen chose it for her daughter

  • Hello Anne_Marie Card



    A pretty combination of two names, Anne-Marie originally came to Britain from France and also became popular in Ireland

  • Hello Annie Card



    Annie sometimes given as a name in its own right although more often used as a familiar style of both Anne and Ann

  • Hello Barbara Card



    The name in Britain has generally carried a touch of class while in the US she became the famous Barbie doll

  • Hello Carol Card



    Carol hit a peak of popularity 1950 to 1970, often chosen by parents at Christmas time. Today it has rarity status.

  • Hello Caroline Card



    A name that’s always had a touch of class since the arrival of Caroline in England as George II’s influential queen.

  • Hello Catherine Card



    Meaning ‘pure’, Catherine has been popular since the Middle Ages and is now back into the British royal family

  • Hello Charlotte Card



    Charlotte has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity as part of the revival in classic Victorian and Edwardian names

  • Hello Christine Card



    Christine the anglicised version of Christina is one of the great names of Europe. Top ten in England until the 1960s

  • Hello Clare Card



    From the Latin clarus meaning light or put, Claire was a 20th century favourite, hugely popular in the 1970s

  • Clare


    Clare takes her name from St Clare of Assisi, founder of the order of Poor Clares in the 13th century and popular ever since

  • Hello Diana Card



    Diana named after the Roman goddess, beautiful and athletic. Her temple was one of the seven wonders of the world

  • Hello Diane Card



    Diane became the French version of Diana. Both names are linked to the Roman goddess, known by the Greeks as Artemis

  • Hello Eleanor Card



    Came to Britain with the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine; she was a top 20 choice in the 1990s.

  • Hello Elizabeth Card



    Elizabeth the name of great queens, popular through the ages. The first we know of was mother of John the Baptist

  • Hello Ella Card



    Ella arrived in Britain with the Normans then vanished. More recently she has been among the most popular names

  • Hello Ellie Card



    Ellie is frequently a shortened version of Eleanor and is also given to girls in its own right, at times more popular than Eleanor