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  • Hello Emma Card



    Derived from Hemma of Normandy, wife of King Canute, Emma’s been with us ever since, popular from the 1960s

  • Hello Florence Card



    Florence means blossoming or flourishing and it has flourished this century, rising to be one of the most popular names

  • Hello Gillian Card



    Dating from medieval times Gillian is linked to qualities found in a best friend including sensitivity and sense of fun

  • Hello Grace Card



    Grace expresses elegance and loveliness ever since classical mythology revered the beauty of the Three Graces

  • Hello Hannah Card



    An ancient Hebrew name and the origin for Anne and Anna. It was especially popular in the UK during in the 1990s

  • Hello Helen Card



    Helen is the shining one, her name linked to helios the sun in Greek mythology. A top 20 choice between 1950-70

  • Hello Julie

    Julie was one of the top names for baby girls. Although she’s down the chart now Julie is still a lovely name. Here are some of the famous Julies. 


  • Hello Holly Card Front



    More baby girls are called Holly when they’re born during the Christmas period than at other times of the year

  • Hello Isabel Card



    A European favourite since the Middle Ages, Isabel is now popular across the UK sounding classical and contemporary

  • Hello Isabella Card



    Isabella a pretty and classy name with royal connections in European history and now popular throughout the UK

  • Hello Isabelle Card



    Isabelle has spread to Britain mostly from France and Spain and has soared up the popularity chart in the last 20 years

  • Hello Jacqueline Card



    Jacqueline with stylish French roots, was one of the favourite names from the fifties through the seventies

  • Hello Jane Card



    Jane the cartoon heroine kept everyone’s spirits up during the war and became a top ten choice in the 50s and 60s

  • Hello Jennifer Card



    Jennifer meaning ‘fair one’ is cool again after dropping down the rankings after peak popularity in the mid-20th century

  • Hello Jessica Card



    A name unknown until Shakespeare created her for The Merchant of Venice. Today she’s a top ten choice

  • Hello Julia Card



    With noble Roman pedigree, Julia is female version of Julius. Reached a peak of popularity in the UK in 1950s and 60s

  • Hello Kate Card



    Kate often adopted as one of the shortenings of Catherine has become increasingly popular on its own

  • Hello Kathryn Card



    Kathryn a popular variation of the name Catherine. Meaning pure, it was for several decades in the top 100 names for girls

  • Hello Katie Card



    Katie has been a popular name for the past 35 years, and is sometimes preferred as a short form of Catherine and Katherine

  • Hello Katy Card



    Katy broke into the top 100 list of names during the 1980s, this is now the less frequent alternative spelling of Katie

  • Hello Laura Card



    From the Latin laurus for laurel, Laura has often been associated with outstanding achievement, especially in sport

  • Lily


    There has been a rapid rise in popularity for both Lily and Lilly in the past 20 years as part of an Edwardian revival

  • Hello Louise Card



    Louise originally the French female version of Louis, became popular in Britain in 20th century. Liked by European aristos

  • Hello Lucy Card



    Lucy brightens up the world, from the Roman Lucia meaning light. For the past 30 years Lucy has been a top 20 choice