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  • Hello Madeleine Card



    Madeleine is really a French name deriving from Mary Magdalene whose remains were thought to have turned up in France.

  • Hello Margaret Card



    Margaret classic name for queens and churches and a certain prime minister. Hugely popular during mid-20th century

  • Hello Mary Card



    Mary was for years the most popular name for girls. Now she has something of a rarity value outside the top 100

  • Megan


    The name comes from Wales where it became a popular alternative of Margaret. Gradually, Megan spread far beyond the Welsh borders. She was in the UK top ten in the mid-1990s and has been a popular choice in the US for years.

  • Meghan


    Meghan is an alternative spelling of the more familiar Megan and is chosen mostly by parents in the United States. The marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle may give the name a boost

  • Hello Melissa Card



    Melissa has an enchanting history from Greek mythology when she looked after baby Jupiter – means honeybee.

  • Hello Michelle Card



    Michelle came to prominence in the 1960s, helped by the Beatles song. She has been a particular favourite in the US

  • Hello Nicola Card



    Nicola often shortened to Nicky, it’s the feminine form of Nicholas and was especially popular through the 1970s

  • Hello Nicole Card



    A card to celebrate the arrival of a new Nicole, female equivalent of Nicholas, a lovely feminine name that enjoyed a peak of popularity in the 1960s

  • Hello Olivia Card



    Olivia a name that came from virtual obscurity to enjoy a burst of popularity, reaching the top spot in England in 2010

  • Hello Pamela Card



    Created by poet Philip Sidney for his 16th century romance Arcadia. She hit a height of popularity in the 1940s

  • Hello Patricia Card



    Patricia has noble Roman origins and was once one the the most popular names in Britain, now she’s quite rare

  • Hello Penelope Card



    A proud name regaining popularity. Penelope features in ancient Greece as wife of the Trojan war hero Odysseus

  • Hello Phoebe Card



    Phoebe is resplendent with legend and the special status of moon goddess. The popular name means bright and shining

  • Hello Rachel Card



    Rachel was mother of Joseph, who wore the coat of many colours in the Bible – and in the West End musical

  • Hello Rebecca Card



    Rebecca has been a name associated with captivating beauty since biblical times. It hit a height of popularity in the 1980s

  • Hello Ruby Card



    Ruby came back to prominence after years of neglect, and went shooting up the popularity chart and remains a favourite

  • Hello Sarah Card



    Coming from a Hebrew word meaning princess, Sarah was popular in the UK and Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s

  • Hello Sofia Card



    Sofia like her sister Sophia, she is one of the newly rediscovered names with a place in the top 30

  • Hello Sophia Card



    Sophia comes from the Greek for wisdom and is a name on the rise that carries a touch of class

  • Hello Sophie Card



    A popular form of the name Sophia, first in France and then Britain where by mid-1990s she was a top ten choice

  • Hello Susan Card



    The modern equivalent of the Hebrew name Susannah, meaning lily or lotus flower. Most popular in the 1950s and 60s

  • Hello Vicky Card



    Vicky it’s unlikely that parents will start off with this shortening of Victoria, but we have a card ready just in case

  • Hello Victoria Card



    Victoria is still in the top 100 names for girls and reflects the enduring popularity of one of our greatest monarchs