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  • Hello Adam Card



    Inspired by the first person on Earth, Adam has been popular over the centuries. Still top 20 in Scotland

  • Hello Alan Card



    Alan a name for pioneers down the ages as in the astronaut Alan Shepard who played golf on the moon

  • Hello Alex Card



    Alex shorter version of Alexander and a name that is prominent among sportsmen. Many boys start out as Alex

  • Hello Alexander Card



    The great conquering hero who gave the name a manliness that has survived undimmed across the centuries

  • Hello Alfie Card



    Alfie used to be simply a short form of Alfred but now it’s a top ten choice with a sense of fun and a background of history

  • Hello Andrew Card



    Meaning manly or brave, Andrew has been popular for centuries especially in Scotland where he is the patron saint

  • Hello Anthony Card



    Anthony famous in Roman times as Mark Antony soldier and lover, glamorised by Shakespeare and still popular.

  • Hello Arthur Card



    Arthur has been linked to noble ideals thanks to the legends surrounding King Arthur. Once more he’s a popular name

  • Hello Ben Card



    Short form of Benjamin representing strength and virtue, both are regarded as confident and manly names

  • Hello Benjamin Card



    Benjamin has strong biblical connections and represents strength and virtue. It’s been a popular name for centuries.

  • Hello Brian Card



    A number of Brians came to Britain with William the Conqueror’s army. Most popular recently in the 1950s-1960s

  • Hello Charles Card



    From old German Charles means free man. Popular in various forms across Europe, often with kingly connections

  • Hello Christopher Card



    Patron saint of travellers who according to legend carried baby Jesus to safety. Most popular recently in the 1980s

  • Hello Daniel Card



    Highly popular choice for the past 20 years, Daniel derives strength from the survivor of the biblical lions’ den

  • Hello David Card



    David was the boy soldier who famously faced the giant Goliath, stunned him and slew him. Became king of the Israelites

  • Hello Edward Card



    Back in favour after a drop that may have been a reaction to shock waves from the abdication of Edward VIII

  • Hello Freddie Card



    Popular with a new generation, this is the most chosen variation of Frederick, entering top 50 in 2010

  • Frederick


    Redolent with a sense of greatness and history, Frederick hasn’t quite achieved the popularity of Freddie

  • Hello Geoffrey Card



    Fine old name going back to Norman times – 1066 and all that – but rather neglected today after a surge in the 1960s

  • Hello George Card



    George had humble origins as a name for labourers, but that was before six kings of England turned George into a noble name

  • Hello Graham Card



    An old Scottish family name adopted in England as a first name and was a regular top 50 choice from 1950

  • Hello Greg Card



    Greg derives from Greek and Latin and means to be watchful or vigilant. Given a popularity boost by actor Gregory Peck

  • Hello Harry Card



    Harry the name given to kings and princes past and present has become one of the most popular choices in the last 15 years

  • Hello Henry Card



    A regular choice for kings until the colourful reign of Henry VIII and an increasingly popular in today’s families