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  • Hello Hugh Card



    Came to Britain with the Norman Conquest among invading noblemen. 1000 years later he still has class

  • Hello Ian Card



    Originally a Scottish variant of John, Ian was a popular choice from 1940 onwards giving the world plenty of high achievers

  • Hello Jack Card



    Jack used to be a nickname for people called John but now it has risen to be highly popular name in its own right

  • Hello Jacob Card



    Jacob often shortened to Jake, the name has strong biblical connections and has grown in popularity in recent years

  • Hello Jake Card



    Frequently adopted as the shortening of Jacob, the name has also been popular in recent years in its own right

  • Hello James Card



    Best name to have if you want to be successful according to a recent survey. History is full of high achievers

  • Hello Jeffrey Card



    Jeffrey developed as an alternative to Geoffrey and became one of the most sociable male names

  • Hello Jeremy Card



    Became a top 50 choice in the 1960s and is an Anglicised version of Jeremiah, the Old Testament prohpet

  • Joe


    Most Joes start out being named Joseph but in the early part of this century Joe was a top 50 choice for boy babies

  • Hello John Card



    For more than a century the top name in Britain. At one time one boy in five was called John – now outside the top 100

  • Hello Jonathan Card



    Reflects virtues of generosity and bravery dating from the heroic biblical character. Derives from Hebrew, like John

  • Hello Joseph Card



    Strong biblical and showbiz links thanks to the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat musical. Popular since the 1970s

  • Hello Joshua Card



    Famous for success in the battle of Jericho, Joshua is one of many biblical names that have seen a huge rise in popularity

  • Hello Justin Card



    There’s often a touch of class about Justin, a name that became a top 50 choice in England in the 1970s

  • Kevin


    Today there are more baby boys named Kevin than there were 20 years ago and it remains a broadly popular choice

  • Hello Leo Card



    Leo the lion and fire sign in the zodiac has always been linked to qualities of courage, confidence and loyalty

  • Louis


    Meaning famous warrior Louis has been popular for years in Britain with added interest since the birth of a new prince

  • Hello Mark Card



    Mark goes back to the Romans and Mars, the god of war. The name enjoyed a period of great popularity from the 1960s

  • Hello Martin Card



    Martin represents the warrior class and can be traced back to Mars the god of war. Became a popular choice from the 1960s

  • Hello Matthew Card



    One of the gospel writers, his name has been present through the centuries and became popular from the 1950s

  • Hello Max Card



    Max says strength and manliness from the Latin maximus meaning greatest. A rapid riser up the popularity chart

  • Hello Michael Card



    The archangel and model knight in shining armour who inspired generations of parents to choose the name

  • Hello Neil Card



    Neil has been broadly popular for the past 100 years and comes from a Gaelic word meaning champion

  • Hello Nicholas Card



    Nicholas name of a kindly saint who inspired legend of Father Christmas. A popular choice for the last 50 years