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  • Noah


    Noah has enjoyed a spectacular rise up the popularity chart throughout the English speaking world

  • Hello Oliver Card



    Oliver went into decline because of Oliver Cromwell’s unpopularity but has revived to become a firm favourite

  • Hello Oscar Card



    Oscar has become synonymous with film success because of the awards. Has recently raced up the names chart

  • Hello Patrick Card



    Patrick once a noble (patrician) name, now carries a sense of fun and celebration – thanks no doubt to the Irish

  • Hello Paul Card



    Most popular name in Britain in the 1970s, Paul has featured prominently for centuries with clear links to St Paul

  • Hello Peter Card



    Hugely popular either side of the war, Peter rose to be a name frequently found among boardroom directors

  • Hello Philip Card



    Meaning lover of horses, Philip was once the name of kings and conquerors – still manly though less widespread

  • Hello Raymond Card



    Long time popular choice until the 1980s, Raymond has not yet been widely revived like Albert and Arthur

  • Hello Richard Card



    One of the backbone names of British manhood, it is frequently shortened to Dick for reasons that are unclear

  • Hello Robert Card



    Popular down the centuries, Robert stands among Scotland’s heroes where the name is often known as Robbie

  • Hello Sam Card



    Frequently used as the short version of Samuel although Sam is sometimes given as a name in its own right

  • Hello Samuel Card



    Originally a biblical name, Samuel has shot up the chart and has been popular for the past 25 years

  • Hello Scott Card



    Originally a surname meaning ‘from Scotland’ and became a popular first name from the middle of last century

  • Hello Sebastian Card



    A name with a touch of class, thanks to Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited; steadily growing in popularity

  • Hello Simon Card



    Goes back to biblical times and has been popular ever since. In fiction Simon Templar was a more secular Saint

  • Hello Stephen Card



    The name has ebbed and flowed through the centuries reaching a peak of popularity between 1950-80

  • Hello Steven Card



    Steven was a top 20 choice in the UK through the second half of the last century when it briefly overtook Stephen

  • Hello Thomas Card



    Popular for 1000 years with many a Thomas in high places. He’s just as much a favourite today

  • Hello Timothy Card



    First popular during the Protestant Reformation, the name enjoyed a revival during the mid-20th century

  • Hello Tom Card



    Not always short for Thomas, some boys start out with their name as Tom so this card is for them

  • Hello William Card



    One of the great names across the British nation for centuries with eight prime ministers and still popular