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  • Happy Birthday Abigail



    Abigail is back in fashion after years of neglect. She’s become super popular in the US and well placed in the UK top 100

  • Happy Birthday Alice Card



    Alice has been consistently popular for the past 100 years, it derives from the old German meaning noble woman

  • Happy Birthday Alison Card



    Alison provided Chaucer with lots of fun, as the name he gave to the saucy wife in the Miller’s Tale. Very popular in the 70s

  • Happy Birthday Amelia Card



    Amelia enjoyed a spectacular revival during this century to become the number one choice for girls from 2011 to 2014

  • Amy


    Amy is full of love thanks to the anglicised version of the French aimer, to love, and the Latin amare. We love Amy too.

  • Happy Birthday Ann Card



    Ann one of two variants of a name popular through British history, linked to a warm-hearted and generous character

  • Happy Birthday Anna Card



    An international name, Anna is linked to qualities of warm heartedness and a willingness to take on the burden of others

  • Happy Birthday Anne Card



    Anne a popular name across the centuries although less prominent in recent years. The Queen chose it for her daughter

  • Happy Birthday Anne-Marie Card



    Anne-Marie A pretty combination of two names that originally came to Britain from France and also became popular in Ireland

  • Happy Birthday Annie Card



    Annie sometimes given as a name in its own right although more often used as a familiar style of both Anne and Ann

  • Happy Birthday Barbara Card



    Barbara has always carried a touch of class in Britain while in the US it became famous as every girl’s Barbie doll

  • Happy Birthday Becky Card



    Becky frequently chosen as a shortening of Rebecca, a name associated with captivating beauty since biblical times

  • Happy Birthday Carol Card



    Carol hit a peak of popularity 1950 to 1970, often chosen by parents at Christmas time. Today she has rarity status.

  • Happy Birthday Caroline Card



    Caroline a name that’s always had a touch of class since the arrival in England of George II’s influential queen.

  • Happy Birthday Catherine Card



    Catherine a name meaning ‘pure’, it has been popular since the Middle Ages and has now been reintroduced into the royal family

  • Happy Birthday Charlotte Card



    Charlotte has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity in recent years as part of the revival in classic Victorian and Edwardian names

  • Happy Birthday Christine Card



    Christine, the anglicised version of Christina, is one of the great names of Europe. Top ten in England until the 1960s

  • Happy Birthday Claire Card



    Claire comes from the Latin clarus meaning light or pure and was a 20th century favourite, hugely popular in the 1970s

  • Happy Birthday Clare Card



    Clare takes her name from St Clare of Assisi, founder of the order of Poor Clares in the 13th century and popular ever since

  • Happy Birthday Diana Card



    Diana named after the Roman goddess, beautiful and athletic. Her temple was one of the seven wonders of the world

  • Happy Birthday Diane Card



    Diane became the French version of Diana. Both names are linked to the Roman goddess, known by the Greeks as Artemis

  • Happy Birthday Eleanor Card



    Eleanor first came to Britain with the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine and has held a touch of class ever since

  • Happy Birthday Elizabeth Card



    Elizabeth the name of great queens, popular through the ages. The first we know of was mother of John the Baptist

  • Happy Birthday Ella Card



    Ella arrived in Britain with the Normans then vanished until more recently when she has been among the most popular names