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  • Happy Birthday Emily Card



    Emily is by popular consent a name that carries the virtues of a real sweetheart, friendly, feminine and funny

  • Happy Birthday Emma Card



    Emma shortened version of Hemma of Normandy wife of King Canute. With us ever since, and popular from the 1960s.

  • Happy Birthday Florence Card



    Florence means blossoming or flourishing and it has flourished this century, rising to be one of the most popular names

  • Happy Birthday Gill Card



    Gill along with Jill is one of two popular shortenings of Gillian, a name that is often associated with a loyal and loving nature

  • Happy Birthday Gillian Card



    Gillian dates from medieval times and is often linked to qualities found in a best friend including sensitivity and sense of fun

  • Happy Birthday Grace Card



    Grace expresses elegance and loveliness ever since classical mythology revered the beauty of the Three Graces

  • Happy Birthday Hannah Card



    Special card for Hannah that opens to her famous namesakes. Hannah is an ancient Hebrew name and the origin for Anne and Anna. Especially popular during the 1990s

  • Happy Birthday Helen Card



    Helen is the shining one of Greek mythology whose beauty sparked outrage and jealousy that led to the Trojan wars

  • Holly


    With her happy links to Christmastime she has been a popular name in Britain and the US for the past 100 years

  • Happy Birthday Isabel Card



    Isabel a European favourite since the Middle Ages, now popular across the UK sounding classical and contemporary

  • Happy Birthday Isabella Card



    Isabella a pretty and classy name with royal connections in European history and now popular throughout the UK

  • Happy Birthday Isabelle card



    Isabelle has spread to Britain mostly from France and Spain and has soared up the popularity chart in the last 20 years

  • Jackie


    Jackie the popular short form of Jacqueline has always carried a sense of energy and fun; enjoyed a golden era in the 1960s

  • Happy Birthday Jacqueline Card



    Jacqueline with stylish French roots, this was one of the favourite names from the fifties through the seventies

  • Happy Birthday Jane Card



    Jane the cartoon heroine kept everyone’s spirits up during the war and became a top ten choice in the 50s and 60s

  • Happy Birthday Jennifer Card



    Meaning ‘fair one’, Jennifer is cool again after dropping down the rankings after a peak of popularity in the middle 20th century

  • Happy Birthday Jenny Card



    The popular shortening of Jennifer, a name that goes back to the Middle Ages where it devleoped from Guinevere

  • Happy Birthday Jessica Card



    Jessica was unknown until Shakespeare created the name for The Merchant of Venice. Today it’s a top ten choice

  • Happy Birthday Jill Card



    Jill the spelling usually chosen as the shortened form of Gillian. It’s a name that conveys a sense of loyalty and fun

  • Happy Birthday Julia Card



    Julia has noble Roman pedigree, the female version of Julius. Reached a peak in modern times during the 1950s and 60s

  • Julie

    Julie was one of the top names for baby girls. Although she’s down the chart now there are lots of Julies in the world and we thought it was time they had a card of their own

  • Happy Birthday Kate Card



    Kate often adopted as one of the shortenings of Catherine but has become increasingly popular on its own

  • Happy Birthday Kathryn Card



    A popular variation of the name Catherine. Meaning pure, it was for several decades in the top 100 names for girls

  • Happy Birthday Katie Card



    Katie has been a popular name for the past 35 years, and is sometimes preferred as a short form of Catherine and Katherine