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    Julie was one of the top names for baby girls. Although she’s down the chart now there are lots of Julies in the world and we thought it was time they had a card of their own

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    Karen Blixen told tales Out of Africa, Karren Brady executive power in men’s football, Karen Carney playing power at the heart of England’s football team, Karen Carpenter superstar singer who struggled with sickness, Karen Darke astonishing Paralympian champion, Karen Dixon rode to the top of equestrian competition, Karen Sparck Jones thanks to her we can search the internet, Karen Lewis led the fight for respect for teachers, Karen Millen made her name famous, then lost it.

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    Kate often adopted as one of the shortenings of Catherine but has become increasingly popular on its own

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    A popular variation of the name Catherine. Meaning pure, it was for several decades in the top 100 names for girls

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    Katie has been a popular name for the past 35 years, and is sometimes preferred as a short form of Catherine and Katherine

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    Katy broke into the top 100 list of names during the 1980s, this is now the less frequent alternative spelling of Katie

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    Laura comes from the Latin laurus for laurel and has often been associated with outstanding achievement, especially in sport

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    There has been a rapid rise in popularity for both Lily and Lilly in the past 20 years as part of an Edwardian revival

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    Originally the French female version of Louis, Louise became popular in Britain in 20th century. A favourite of European aristos

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    Lucy brightens up the world, from the Roman Lucia meaning light. For the past 30 years Lucy has been a top 20 choice

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    A popular shortening of Madeleine that was originally a French name. It has risen to prominence this century

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    Madeleine is really a French name deriving from Mary Magdalene whose remains were thought to have turned up in France.

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    Frequently shortened version of Margaret, a classic name for royalty and hugely popular during early and mid-20th century

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    Margaret classic name for queens and churches and a certain prime minister. Hugely popular during mid-20th century

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    Mary was once the most popular girls’ name, inspired by Christian saints. Still a lovely name, she’s made way for more modern choices

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    The name became established in Wales as an alternative version of Margaret and grew in popularity far beyond Welsh borders. Megan was in the UK top ten in the mid-1990s and has been a popular choice in the US for years.

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    Meghan, and more often Megan, are Welsh names that have been consistently popular across the UK for several decades. It remains to be seen whether the arrival of Meghan Markle as Duchess of Sussex will have an impact on the name’s ranking

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    Melissa has an enchanting history from Greek mythology when she looked after baby Jupiter – means honeybee.

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    She came to prominence in the UK the 1960s, helped by the Beatles song. She has been a particular favourite in the US

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    Friends and relatives and people called Nicola will often prefer to use the short form of the name that was a favourite in the 1970s

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    Nicola was especially popular through the 1970s. Originally from Greek, the name translates as victory of the people. This card tells brief life stories of famous people called Nicola

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    A card to celebrate Nicole, female equivalent of Nicholas and meaning victorious people. She was a particularly popular choice in the 1960s

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    A name that came from virtual obscurity to enjoy a big burst of popularity, reaching the top spot in England in 2010

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    The frequently used short form of Pamela, a name that gained popularity through heroines in poetry and fiction