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  • Happy Birthday Adam Card



    Adam has gone into history as the first man on the planet with his partner Eve. They set the human race in motion but he ate the forbidden fruit. See who else is keeping company with your Adam

  • Happy Birthday Alan Card



    Alan a name for pioneers down the ages including the astronaut Alan Shepard who played golf on the moon. See who’s keeping company in the card for your Alan

  • Happy Birthday Alex Card



    Often short for Alexander, there are also plenty of boys who start out as Alex. It’s a name prominent among sportsmen – see who else is in the card

  • Happy Birthday Alexander Card



    Alexander one of the world’s great conquering heroes who gave the name a manliness that still applies today. See who else is keeping company with your Alexander

  • Happy Birthday Alfie Card



    Alfie used to be simply a short form of Alfred but now it’s a top ten choice with a sense of fun and a background of history. See who’s keeping company with your Alfie

  • Happy Birthday Andrew Card



    Andrew meaning manly or brave, has been popular for centuries especially in Scotland where Andrew is the patron saint.

  • Happy Birthday Andy Card



    Andy short form of Andrew, a name that means manly or brave. Both versions remain popular in Scotland

  • Happy Birthday Anthony Card



    Anthony famous in Roman times as Mark Antony soldier and lover, glamorised by Shakespeare and still popular. See who else is keeping company in the card for your Anthony

  • Happy Birthday Arthur Card



    Arthur is a name of proud men and noble principles thanks to the enduring popularity of the Arthurian legends. Once a top ten choice, Arthur is once more back in vogue. See who’s keeping company with your Arthur

  • Happy Birthday Ben Card



    Ben the short form of Benjamin, a name representing strength and virtue that’s been a top 30 choice for two decades. See who’s keeping company with your Ben

  • Happy Birthday Benjamin Card



    Benjamin goes back to biblical times and has been a popular choice for centuries, particularly in the UK during the past 40 years where it is frequently shortened to Ben. Check out who’s keeping company with your Benjamin

  • Happy Birthday Brian Card



    BRIAN is a name that goes back to William the conqueror’s invasion. In more recent times it has been well represented among top sportsmen: Close, Clough, Lara, Moore, O’Driscoll and Robson among them. See who’s keeping company with your Brian

  • Happy Birthday Charles Card



    Charles is a name with a ring of authority associated with emperors and kings through the ages. While still popular today it has been overtaken by Charlie. We have combined the two

  • Happy Birthday Charlie Card



    Charlie used to be the informal version of Charles but now parents are more likely to name a baby Charlie from the beginning – he’s got a place in the top ten names for boys

  • Happy Birthday Chris Card



    The shortened form of Christopher which during the 1980s was the most poular name for boys in England and Wales. We have combined the long and shorter varieties in the card

  • Happy Birthday Christopher Card



    The patron saint of travellers who according to legend, explained in the card, carried baby Jesus to safety. Hit the height of popularity in the 1980s

  • Happy Birthday Dan Card



    Dan is a frequent shortening of Daniel, a name that has held a place in the top ten most popular choices for 20 years

  • Happy Birthday Daniel Card



    DANIEL was thrown to the lions but survived and has represented goodness and strength ever since. A popular choice for the past 20 years.

  • Happy Birthday David Card



    David famously slew the giant Goliath and became king of the Israelites. A classic name that’s always in the top 100

  • Duncan


    A noble Scottish name with strong connotations of bravery and combat. There were three early Scottish kings called Duncan and you’ll find a cast of other strong characters in this card.

  • Happy Birthday Edward Card



    Edward has been one of the noble names through English history and popular again after a lull following the consitutional drama caused by the abdication of Edward VIII.

  • Happy Birthday Freddie Card



    Freddie used to be an affectionate shortening of Frederick but now this is the most popular variation of the name with a place in the UK top 50. We’ve included a range of Freddies and Fredericks in the card

  • Frederick


    Frederick is one of those classic British names that have returned to favour after several decades of neglect. Fredericks are great of course. That’s thanks to Frederick the Great, the 18th century philosopher-warmonger king who expanded the Prussian empire across Europe, often leading his troops in battle.

  • Geoff


    Short form of Geoffrey, that arrived with the Norman conquest and back in favour from the 1950s. Geoffs can be relied upon to be good mates.