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  • Happy Birthday Geoffrey Card



    Geoffrey a fine old name going back to Norman times – 1066 and all that – and popular in the mid-20th century.

  • Happy Birthday George Card



    Once a name for artisans, George was elevated to nobility through six kings of England – and another one to come

  • Happy Birthday Graham Card



    An old Scottish family name adopted in England as a first name and a regular in the top 50 during the last century

  • Greg


    Greg derives from Greek and Latin and means to be watchful or vigilant. Given a popularity boost by Hollywood’s handsome star Gregory Peck

  • Happy Birthday Harry Card



    Harry the name given to kings and princes (as well as the triumvirate for the common man Tom, Dick and Harry) has become one of the most popular choices

  • Happy Birthday Henry Card



    Regular choice for kings of England until the colourful reign of Henry VIII; increasingly popular in today’s families

  • Happy Birthday Hugh Card



    Hugh came to Britain with the Normans when it was a prominent name among noblemen. 1000 years later he still has class

  • Happy Birthday Iain Card



    Originally a Scottish variant of John, this spelling is found more often in Scotland than in the rest of the UK and elsewhere. Both spellings are included in the card

  • Happy Birthday Ian Card



    Originally a Scottish variant of John, Ian was popular from 1940 to the 1980s giving the world plenty of high achievers who you will meet in the card

  • Happy Birthday Jack Card



    Jack used to be a nickname for people called John but now it has risen to be highly popular name in its own right.

  • Happy Birthday Jacob Card



    Jacob is a name with strong biblical connections – he was twin brother of the scoundrel Esau – that has grown in popularity in recent years

  • Happy Birthday Jake Card



    Jake frequently adopted as the shortening of Jacob, has in recent years become a popular choice in its own right

  • Happy Birthday James Card



    The best name to have if you want to be successful according to a survey so it’s not surprising that history is full of high achievers

  • Happy Birthday Jeff Card



    The shorter form of Jeffrey and a name that has become synonymous with good fun and good mates

  • Happy Birthday Jeffrey Card



    Jeffrey developed as an alternative to Geoffrey and became a sociable male name, frequently shortened to Jeff

  • Happy Birthday Jeremy Card



    Jeremy comes from the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah who wasn’t known for looking on the bright side of life. Peaked as a popular choice in the 1960s when it was in the top 50 names.

  • Jim


    Jim is usually the popular shortened version of James but along with Jimmy it can be given as a cheerful name in its own right

  • Happy Birthday Joe Card



    Joe is mostly a short form of Joseph but there are plenty of Joes whose name was given to them from the beginning. Our list is made up of men who like to be Joe

  • Happy Birthday John Card



    For more than a century this was the most popular name in Britain when at one time a fifth of all boy babies was called John. It had to end one day and now John lies just outside the top 100.

  • Happy Birthday Jonathan Card



    Jonathan reflects generosity and bravery from the heroic biblical character who defeated the Philistines. You’ll find modern day Jonathans in this card

  • Happy Birthday Joseph Card



    Joseph with biblical and showbiz connections has made a striking return to popularity, rising steadily since the 1970s

  • Josh


    This card tells the story famous people called Josh and Joshua, starting with the biblical character who led his people across the River Jordan to the Promised Land. 


  • Happy Birthday Joshua Card



    Joshua was a colourful biblical leader who won the battle of Jericho and led his people across the River Jordan to the Promised Land. Today Joshua has enjoyed a surge in popularity in common with other names from the Bible.

  • Happy Birthday Justin Card



    There’s often a touch of class about Justin, a name that rose  into the top 50 during the 1970s. The card tells some famous Justin stories