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  • Happy Birthday Kevin Card



    Kevin originally an Irish name now more widely popular – and given a dash of glamour by heroics of sports stars

  • Happy Birthday Leo Card



    Leo the lion and fire sign in the zodiac has always been linked to qualities of courage, confidence, generosity and ambition

  • Louis


    Meaning famous warrior Louis has been popular for years in Britain with added interest since the birth of a new prince

  • Happy Birthday Mark Card



    Mark goes back to the Romans and Mars, the god of war. The name enjoyed a period of great popularity from the 1960s

  • Happy Birthday Martin Card



    Member of the warrior class who can be traced to Mars the god of war. He enjoyed popularity through the 1960-90s

  • Happy Birthday Matt Card



    Short form of Matthew, a name with strong biblical connections that has retained popularity across the centuries, especially popular from the 1950s

  • Happy Birthday Matthew Card



    One of the four gospel writers, Matthew has been a popular name through the centuries. Stories of famous people called Matthew in the card

  • Happy Birthday Max Card



    Max says strength and manliness from the Latin maximus meaning greatest. A rapid riser up the popularity chart

  • Happy Birthday Michael Card



    Michael the archangel and knight in shining armour who inspired generations of parents to choose the name. Still a popular choice

  • Mike


    Mike a familiar alternative to Michael the archangel and knight in shining armour. Michael and Mike have long been popular choices

  • Happy Birthday Neil Card



    Neil has been popular for the past 100 years and gained his highest profile when Neil Armstrong became first man on the Moon. The name comes from the Irish Niall that derives from a Gaelic word meaning champion and passionate

  • Happy Birthday Nicholas Card



    Nicholas the name of the kindly saint who inspired the legend of Father Christmas. A popular choice for the last 50 years

  • Happy Birthday Nick Card



    Short form of Nicholas, the name given to Father Christmas whereas Old Nick, less pleasingly, is the devil’s nickname

  • Noah Birthday Card Front



    Noah, the biblical ark builder, has enjoyed a spectacular recent rise in popularity throughout the English speaking world

  • Happy Birthday Oliver Card



    Oliver went into decline most probably because of Oliver Cromwell’s puritan unpopularity, not to mention the execution of Charles I. But that was then – now Oliver is firmly back as a top boys’ name

  • Happy Birthday Oscar Card



    Oscar is known for the ultimate symbol of acclaim for film people. Recently Oscar has been a winner, racing up the list of popular names to reach the top ten in England and Wales

  • Happy Birthday Patrick Card



    Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, has a fine tradition as a noble (patrician) name and in modern times is renowned for the enthusiastic Irish celebration of St Patrick’s Day, March 17

  • Happy Birthday Paul Card



    Paul the most popular name in Britain in the 1970s, it has featured prominently for centuries with clear links to St Paul

  • Happy Birthday Peter Card



    Peter hugely popular either side of the war, he is one of the most commonly found names among boardroom directors

  • Phil


    Phil is the shortened version of Philip, a name brimming with history that was once the proud name of kings and conquerors

  • Happy Birthday Philip Card



    Philip has a history of being the proud name of kings and conquerors. You’ll find fascinating Philips in the card

  • Ray


    Ray and Raymond were popular through most of the last century but have not yet seen a revival like Albert and Arthur

  • Happy Birthday Raymond Card



    Raymond was among the most popular names for boys through the last century, hitting a peak in the top 15 just before the second world war. Meet famous Rays and Raymonds in the card

  • Happy Birthday Richard card



    Backbone name of British manhood, going back to heroic status of Richard the Lionheart. Stories of other famous Richards are inside the card