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  • Happy Birthday Robert Card



    Popular down the centuries, Robnert features among Scotland’s heroes where the name is now better known as Robbie

  • Happy Birthday Sam Card



    Sam is a name that has become increasingly popular in its own right as well as being a short version of Samuel

  • Happy Birthday Samuel Card



    One of the numerous biblical names that are popular with present day parents, at one point reaching the top 10

  • Happy Birthday Scott Card



    Originally a surname meaning ‘from Scotland’, Scott was taken up as a first name from the middle of the last century

  • Happy Birthday Sebastian Card



    A name with a touch of class, thanks to Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, and one that’s been growing in popularity

  • Happy Birthday Simon Card



    Prominent in biblical times and present through modern history. In fiction Simon Templar was the secular Saint

  • Happy Birthday Stephen Card



    Meaning garland or crown, Stephen has been favoured through the centuries reaching a peak between 1950-80. The card tells the story of Stephen and some famous people with the name

  • Happy Birthday Steve Card

    Steve (Stephen)


    The shortened spelling of Stephen, the early Christian martyr on whose feast day Good King Wenceslas set out

  • Happy Birthday Steve Card

    Steve (Steven)


    Steve is a short form option for a card that contains the Steven content to distinguish it from the Stephen version

  • Happy Birthday Steven Card



    Steven was a top 20 choice in the UK through the second half of the last century when it briefly overtook Stephen

  • Happy Birthday Thomas Card



    One of the most consistent names for 1000 years with many a Thomas in high places. Still a favourite choice today

  • Happy Birthday Tim



    Tim the usual short form of Timothy, a prominent Christian martyr whose name gained popularity in the 20th century

  • Happy Birthday Timothy Card



    Name of a Christian martyr made popular during the Protestant Reformation and revived mid-20th century

  • Happy Birthday Tom Card



    Tom is not always short for Thomas, some boys start out that way. Our card is for people who like to be called Tom

  • Happy Birthday Tony Card



    Many people called Anthony prefer to go through life as Tony and we have made a card specially for them

  • Will


    Will is in vogue today as a short version of William, one of the great names of the nation held by eight prime ministers

  • Happy Birthday William Card



    For centuries one of the great names of the nation across the military, the arts, sport, business and eight prime ministers