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  • Happy Birthday Robert Card



    Robert often shortened to Bob or Rob has been consistently popular, it derives from old German meaning bright and famous and features prominently among Scottish heroes

  • Happy Birthday Sam Card



    Sam has become increasingly popular in its own right as well as being a short version of Samuel. See famous Sam and Samuel stories in the card

  • Happy Birthday Samuel Card



    Samuel originally a biblical name, has shot up the chart and has been consistently in the top 20 boys’ names during the past 25 years

  • Happy Birthday Scott Card



    Originally a surname meaning ‘from Scotland’, Scott was taken up as a first name from the middle of the last century. A popular choice in the US

  • Happy Birthday Sebastian Card



    A name with a touch of class, thanks to Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, and one that’s been growing in popularity since the 1980s

  • Happy Birthday Simon Card



    Prominent in biblical times and present through modern history. In fiction Simon Templar was the secular Saint

  • Happy Birthday Stephen Card



    Meaning garland or crown, Stephen has been favoured through the centuries reaching a peak between 1950-80. The card tells the story of Stephen and some famous people with the name

  • Happy Birthday Steve Card

    Steve (Stephen)


    Shortened spelling of Stephen, the early Christian martyr on whose feast day Good King Wenceslas set out. Life stories of Steve and Stephen in the card

  • Happy Birthday Steve Card

    Steve (Steven)


    Steve is a short form option for a card that contains the Steven content to distinguish it from the Stephen version

  • Happy Birthday Steven Card



    Steven was a top 20 choice in the UK through the second half of the last century when it briefly overtook Stephen

  • Happy Birthday Thomas Card



    One of the most consistent names for 1000 years with many a Thomas in high places. Still a favourite choice today

  • Happy Birthday Tim



    Tim the usual short form of Timothy, a prominent Christian martyr whose name gained popularity in the 20th century

  • Happy Birthday Timothy Card



    Name of a Christian martyr made popular during the Protestant Reformation and revived mid-20th century

  • Happy Birthday Tom Card



    Tom is not always short for Thomas, some boys are given the name from the start. Our card is for people who like to be called Tom

  • Happy Birthday Tony Card



    Many people called Anthony prefer to go through life as Tony and we have made a card specially for them – and there’s one for Anthony too

  • Will


    Will is in vogue today as a short version of William, one of the great names of the nation held by eight prime ministers

  • Happy Birthday William Card



    For centuries one of the great names of the English speaking world found in royalty, the military, the arts, sport, business and eight prime ministers