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A new Everly generation on the rise

Wind the clock back some 65 years and the Everly Brothers pop duo were starting out as chart toppers in the US and the UK. Today their names are rising fast again and this time as first names for girls.

Parents are divided between two spellings, Everly and Everleigh but both variants are showing huge gains in the US where, in percentage terms, Everleigh was the most spectacular riser in 2019 according to official figures. Everly has moved into the US top 50 for the first time while in England and Wales, after making her modest debut in 2013, she is already up to 238.

The US website has been doing a lot of digging in the statistics to find the names for boys and girls that have made the highest percentage US gains since 2015.

The biggest jumper for boys is Legend with a 240 per cent rise to 150 in the chart. Close behind comes Maverick who is now well established in the US and beginning to push his way upwards in England, currently at 526.

Trending names show several similarities either side of the Atlantic. Well established popular UK choices include Isla and Luna for girls and Theo, Theodore, Arthur and Leo all of whom are now among the fastest risers in the US.

On the up – the top ten rising names in the US:


Everleigh, Alaia, Remi, Amara, Nova, Luna, Emersyn, Emilia, Juniper, Everly


Legend, Theo, Maverick, Brooks, Thiago, Waylon, Theodore, Milo, Mateo, Rhett

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