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The trend towards healthy eating and wellness in general is beginning to emerge in baby names. News comes from the US that parents are selecting names from fruit and even vegetables for their newborns. The powerful magazine Women’s Health and a range of mother and baby websites have identified a rise in nature names that they suggest will be significant in 2019 as parents keep up the search for unusual and original names.

Notable climbers up the US popularity league are Kale is up 35 percent, Kiwi up 40 percent and Saffron 31 percent. Women’s Health is predicting a surge in favour of Anjou (a type of pear), Plum, Apple, Crispin (an apple), Cherry and Clementine. Switch to veg and Aubergine is tipped to be up there along with Bean, Pea, Pepper and the aforementioned Kale.

In the UK we have noticed a trend in recent years for names from nature although these are more generally flowers than fruits. Poppy and Lily are in England’s top ten with Daisy, Ivy and Willow close behind. However, don’t expect the American examples to cross the Atlantic just yet. In 2017 there were no recorded examples in England or Wales of Aubergine or Kiwi. Kale did make an appearance with five boys while Saffron with 51 girls is a name in decline here.


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