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We tip our hat to Philip Treacy

Sometimes we’re asked about the choice of people we put in our cards. The answer is that try to find a spread of interesting namesakes with a positive story. People of attainment who you feel you can admire or appreciate and who are frequently, though not always, high achievers of the present day or who have made their mark in history. We try to reflect a range of interests and activities from the arts, science, sport, showbiz or the social world.

With characters from the past, the task is relatively straightforward as their circumstances do not change and their place in the pantheon is secure. The tricky bit is sometimes making a selection from a huge catalogue of fame – Thomas, Mary, William, John for example. Who goes in and who is left out. 

Our cards are not designed to be a history lesson and so we look for contemporary high fliers. Often – take Andy Murray – we may update a profile to take account of new achievements. Then there is the risk with high fliers that they may crash land. That’s why we’ve recently said farewell to Philip Green, the retail tycoon whose methods and activities have been called into question, particularly over the controversial sale and subsequent collapse of British Home Stores (BHS). We felt he no longer merited a place among the Philips with a positive image.

So out he goes and in comes Philip Treacy the milliner famous for creating daring headgear. His hats are worn at weddings, on film sets, at the races and wherever a woman wants to make a statement. At the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton 36 guests wore Philip Treacy designs. 


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