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If it’s a girl, parents pick flowers

Ivy, Violet and Iris making big gains

The biggest trend in names for baby girls is the natural world and especially flowers. You can forget parents being starry eyed about celebrities. With the possible exception of Sienna who has made a remarkable rise to number 22, the 2013 list of names published by the Office for National Statistics shows that beauty all around us is the true inspiration.

In a way, this is part of a return to the tradition of a century ago when names like Rosie, Ivy, Violet and Iris were popular and until recently were more likely to be found among grandmothers than newborn babies.

Poppy is the latest flower to enter the top ten, while Lily who was at number 5 in 2012 has slipped to 12.  Ivy is the most spectacular riser, up 733 places in ten years to number 66 while Violet is up 588 places to 78 and Iris is just outside the top 100 having risen to 106 from 412 in a decade.

Summer (48) and Skye (91) bring their wide open spaces into the top 100. In all there are 14 names from nature in the top 100

7 Poppy up six places since 2012 and up 36 places since 203

12 Lily down 7, up11

23 Daisy down 1, up 8

33 Holly down 8, down 20

37 Lilly down 4, up 132

38 Rosie up 10, up 4

48 Summer down 8, up 38

50 Jasmine down 5, down 20

54 Willow up 15, up 203

66 Ivy up 22, up 733

68 Rose up 10, up 69

75 Hollie down 21, down 1

78 Violet up 22, up 588

91 Skye down 5, up 23


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