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Split personalities – new cards for James and Jim

Fresh names and life stories brought in to the collection

James and Jim are the latest names in our catalogue to be given separate cards. Until now, we have combined James, Jim and Jimmy in one card but this has meant leaving out a number of interesting people. Besides, if you prefer to be called Jim and that’s the name by which everyone knows you then you need a card that’s more personal than James – even if it is your official name.

We’ve done the same with Thomas and Tom and with the varied spellings of Ann and Anne, Claire and Clare and Stephen and Steven.

The change in the line-up of James and Jim has given us the opportunity to introduce James Patterson, the world’s most prolific novelist, James Watson who helped discover the secret of DNA and James Brown the ‘godfather of soul’.

New entries in the Jim card include Jimmy Wales, inventor of Wikipedia, Jim Marshall who built the amplifiers used by rock bands around the world and Jim Clark the motor racing world champion in the 1960s who was killed in a crash while at the height of his success.


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