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Nameslink reveals its Top 20

You can’t keep a good name down – that seems to be the message from the Nameslink top 20 list of best selling cards. Our survey covers the five years since Nameslink was set up and it shows that some names are well represented, long after they slipped down the new babies popularity chart. Stalwarts like John, Peter, Helen and Andrew for example. Mary is another, she came in at 21.

Jack has just moved to the top of our chart and he figures in the top ten list of favourite baby names. Laura, by contrast, is our second best seller and that must reflect an earlier vogue as she is down at 150 in the new baby list.

The comparison for Kate is perhaps a little unfair as the name sits at 452 in the baby chart although many girls called one of the varieties of Catherine are shortened to Kate among family and friends.

So, here’s our top 20 that reflects an interesting mix of traditional and presently popular names. The figures in brackets show the position in the official chart of new baby names 2016.

The Nameslink Top 20

1 Jack (4)                                           11 Freddie (17)

2 Laura (150)                                    12 Helen (622)

3 George (3)                                      13 Harry (2)

4 Sam (24 Samuel)                          14 Michelle (352)

5 Kate (452)                                      15 Ben (32 Benjamin)

6 Oliver (1)                                        16 James (12)

7 Emma (53)                                     17 Olivia (1)

8 John (120)                                     18 Sophie (14)

9 Peter (188)                                     19 Andrew (209)

10 Tom (9 Thomas)                         20 Sarah (96)

Pictures: Laura Kenny, Olympic cycle champion and Jack Nicholson, Hollywood star – both feature in our cards for Laura and Jack. Kenny picture: Cycling Weekly


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