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Publishing error that sparked the Nobel prizes

Why ‘Mr Dynamite’  decided to give his money to good causes

October is Nobel prize time of year with brilliant people recognised for their contribution to knowledge along with the 2014 shared Peace prize for Malala Yousafzai  andKailash Satyarthi. The money for the recipients was left in his will by Alfred Nobel whose fascinating story is told in our card for Alfred – or more popularly Alfie.

Nobel is credited with discovering how to make dynamite – although he blew up his younger brother Emil when one of their experiments went wrong.

It is thought that Alfred decided to make his legacy for the benefit of humankind after reading an obituary of himself, mistakenly published in a newspaper on the death of his elder brother Ludvig. The item was critical of Alfred as a ‘merchant of death’ on account of the vast profits he made from selling dynamite and other war materials.

His conscience pricked, he left his fortune to fund the prizes.


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