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Rockin good names are parents’ picks

More parents than ever are searching for names for their newborns that stand out with a swagger of originality. A name that won’t invite ridicule but which is palpably different from the favourites .

The US website babygaga has just published a list of rock and roll surnames and band names that it claims are giving boys a boost and a dash of credibility.

We thought this was all a bit far fetched until we checked with the Office for National Statistics (England and Wales) and found that most of the names on the list were in fact showing signs of a growth spurt over here. Well, signs of life anyway.

Axel, linked to Guns n Roses singer Axl Rose, is the best performer  from names on the babygaga list – now at number 244 in the British chart with 231 boys given the name in 2018.

Other rockin good names that have risen from zero 15 years ago are:

Hendrix, with 103 boys in 2018

Jett, 80 boys in 2018 plus a handful of Jets

Bowie, 49 in 2018 from 0 a dozen years ago

Cash, as in Johnny, now has 29 namesakes

Jagger has inspired 17 newborn boys

So far, there have been no Zeppelins registered in England/Wales but if US rock band Creed (six boys last year) can fire up parents’ imagination it may not be long before Zeppelin makes a breakthrough.


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