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Top girls in 2015

Celebrity parents put Harper on a high

The Beckhams’ daughter inspires popularity surge

On the face of it the list of most popular names for baby girls has changed little in the last couple of years. While Amelia and Olivia remain the dominant choice of parents there are other trends emerging and a mix of new and traditional names pushing their way into the top 100.

Among the newcomers according to latest data from the Office for National Statistics, Aria has made her debit at 100 with a rise of 70 places in a year and 1195 places in ten years. The name means lioness and apart from the character Arya Stark in Game of Thrones it’s hard to find a clear reason for Aria’s new popularity.

You can’t say the same about Harper. Once known only as the forename of Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, the name’s spectacular rise is clearly clothed in celebrity since it was chosen by Victoria and David Beckham for their daughter. Last year Harper rose 26 places to number 63 and shows a spectacular increase from the depths of 2619 ten years ago.

Thea, Mila and Robyn have all been on a roll over the past decade and are in the lower section of the chart.

Traditional names have been making a comeback for several years and the latest to hit the top 100 are Penelope at number 69 and Clara at 91. Nearer the top Florence, Charlotte and Elizabeth are all holding their places in the top 40.

Flowers are favourites throughout the list with Poppy, Lily and Daisy all in the top 20. Willow and Ivy are also climbing.

It’s looking like we’ll soon have to say farewell to Katie, the biggest faller in 2015, down 22 places to 99 and heading out of the chart.


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