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Who’s in front, Boris or Jeremy?

In these turbulent political times who’s more popular – Boris or Jeremy.

Whatever happens in parliament to Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in the coming days we can see what parents are thinking. According to the official list of names chosen for baby boys in 2018 in England and Wales Jeremy has a slight lead over Boris. But neither of them is attracting much support.

There were 50 baby boys named Jeremy which placed him well down the popularity chart at 690. With just three fewer boys named Boris, these 47 newborns made Boris the 721st most popular choice.

In terms of trends, Boris is showing a steady rise over the past 20 years from a very low base while Jeremy is down from a 1960s high when he briefly hit the top 50.

On that basis, it looks like Boris will have overtaken Jeremy by this time next year. Whether that will be reflected in an election result is another matter.


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