Ellie is frequently a shortened version of Eleanor and is also given to girls in its own right, at times more popular than Eleanor


Ellie is a regular shortening of Eleanor, and is also often chosen in its own right. Recently Ellie has been more popular than Eleanor, a name that first came to Britain with the marriage of Henry II to Eleanor of Aquitaine.


Eleanor of Aquitaine became queen of England and remained a powerful figure in her own right, Eleanor Bron made her name with a distinctive brand of disdainful humour, Ellie Goulding arrived on the music scene covered in awards, Nell Gywn famous as the favourite mistress of Charles II, Eleanor Holm was a cert for Olympic gold until the champagne popped, Eleanor McEvoy wrote the biggest selling song in Irish music, Eleanor Powell danced Fred Astaire off his feet, Eleanor Roosevelt was much more than a president’s White House wife, Ellie Simmonds smashed swimming world records in the paralympic pool

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