With noble Roman pedigree, Julia is female version of Julius. Reached a peak of popularity in the UK in 1950s and 60s


Julia Julia has noble Roman pedigree, the female version of Julius, with three emperors naming a daughter Julia. The name reached a peak of popularity in the UK during the 1950s and 60s and has remained popular in the US


Julia Bradbury became a popular presenter of outdoor television programmes, Julia Darling refused to let illness stop her creativity, Julia Donaldson found fame as author of the Gruffalo and as children’s laureate, Julia Gillard made it to the top of Australian politics as first woman PM, Julia Higgins led the way for women in science and engineering, Julia Neuberger was ordained a rabbi and spoke up for the underprivileged, Julia Ormond shone in the West End and was snapped up by Hollywood, Julia Roberts is one of the movie world’s most bankable stars, Julia Unwin has been a leading force in the fight for social justice

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