Kathryn a popular variation of the name Catherine. Meaning pure, it was for several decades in the top 100 names for girls


KATHRYN is a popular version of Catherine. Some well known people prefer to be called Kate even if they started life as Kathryn.


Kate Adie went into hot spots and danger zones as a reporter, Kate Beckinsale quit university and marched into the movies, Kathryn Bigelow became the first woman to win a director’s Oscar, Kathryn Flett showed it can be funny to be grumpy, Kathryn Grayson one of the big names of post-war Hollywood, Kathryn Joosten left it late but became a tv star, kd lang threw away capitals and picked up a guitar, Kate Swan takes the credit for reviving the business health of WH Smith, Kathryn Thornton went space walking to repair Hubble telescope

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