A proud name regaining popularity. Penelope features in ancient Greece as wife of the Trojan war hero Odysseus


Penelope is a proud name regaining popularity and going back to ancient Greece where she was the faithful wife of Odysseus, also known as Ulysses


Penelope Cruz made her name in Spain and swept into Hollywood, Penelope Gilliatt helped to define the mood of the swinging sixties, Penelope Keith played her roles as if to the manner born, Penelope Lively wrote for children and adults and won the Booker prize, Penelope Lawrence founded Roedean school as the Eton for girls, Penelope Leach sold millions of books about bringing up babies, Penny Mallory transformed from ‘total waster’ to rally champion, Penelope Mortimer was a defiant feminist and candid biographer, Penny Tweedie believed in the power of photography to tell the truth

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