Phoebe is resplendent with legend and the special status of moon goddess. The popular name means bright and shining


PHOEBE is a name that shines from the heavens in mythology and astronomy as a mood of Saturn


Phoebe Dahl designer with an ethical eye and a famous granddad, Phoebe Fox outstanding newcomer who became a star of the stage, Phoebe Gormley unstitched the male domination in Savile Row tailoring, Phoebe Nicholls starred in Brideshead Revisited and married the director, Phoebe Omlie daredevil on a flying machine, Phoebe Philo transformed Paris couture houses, Phoebe Snetsinger tracked more of the world’s birds than anyone else, Phoebe Waller-Bridge took television comedy to a new level, Phoebe Williams made America laugh with a pretty rude routine

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