Sofia like her sister Sophia, she is one of the newly rediscovered names with a place in the top 30


SOFIA along with Sophia was originally a Greek name meaning wisdom and has becone a popular choice


Sophia Collier made millions selling soft drinks she concocted in her kitchen, Sofia Coppola came from a film family and won an Oscar, Sophia Duleep Singh was a goddaughter of Queen Victoria and a determined campaigner for women’s rights, Sophia Jex-Blake fought for the recognition of women doctors, Sophia Loren became one of the movie world’s most glamorous stars, Sophia Myles found her flair for acting in the school play, Sophia Perovskaya Russian revolutionary who plotted the assassination of Tsar Alexander, Sophia Webster shoemaker with a head for height, Sofia Vergara caught the eye of a cameraman and went on to be television’s top earner

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