Benjamin has strong biblical connections and represents strength and virtue. It’s been a popular name for centuries.


Benjamin goes back to biblical times and has been a popular choice for centuries, particularly in the UK during the past 40 years where it is frequently shortened to Ben


Ben Ainslie the ‘most competitive man afloat’ with medals to prove it, Benjamin Britten pre-eminent composer of the 20th century, Benjamin Disraeli wily politician and star of parliamentary debate, Ben Elton writer and comic led the anti-Thatcher tendency, Benjamin Franklin US founding father who could do just about everything, Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel ruthless character of the gangster era, Benjamin Spock millions of babies were brought up his way, Ben Stiller actor, director and Frat Pack front runner, Benjamin Zephaniah rebellious Rasta whose poems speak for the people.

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