Patron saint of travellers who according to legend carried baby Jesus to safety. Most popular recently in the 1980s


Christopher was the most popular name for boys in England and Wales in the mid-1980s and featured as Christopher Robin in the popular Winnie the Pooh stories


Chris Blackwell founded Island Records and put reggae on the world map, Kit Carson legendary frontiersman who lost respect by attacking the Navajo, Christopher Columbus set sail for the Indies and discovered the Americas, Chris Evans broadcaster proved there was radio after Terry Wogan, Chris Froome three-time master of the Tour de France, Chris Hoy the flying Scot who conquered the world on a bike, Christopher Isherwood chronicler and character of decadent Berlin, Chris Martin classics scholar turned to music and hit big time with Coldplay,  Christopher Wren took his time building St Pauls and left a landmark

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