Came to Britain with the Norman Conquest among invading noblemen. 1000 years later he still has class


Hugh goes back almost 1000 years to the invaders of the Norman Conquest and reached a height of popularity in the early decades of the last century. Still a classy name.


Hugh Casson built the Festival of Britain and left his mark, Hugh Cudlipp brilliant tabloid journalist at the helm of the Mirror papers, Hugh Dennis became Britain’s busiest comedian, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall fought the fight on behalf of the ocean’s fish, Hugh Gaitskell brilliant Labour strategist who might have become PM, Hugh Grant master of the rom-com who never quite mastered being in love, Hugh Hefner created the Playboy empire, Hugh Jackman flexed his muscles for Hollywood and Les Mis, Hugh Masekela made Afro-Jazz and spread the sound

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