Frequently adopted as the shortening of Jacob, the name has also been popular in recent years in its own right


JAKE  often used as a short form of Jacob, the name has grown in popularity in recent years with many parents choosing to register their sons as Jake


Jacob Bronowski one of the big brains of the 20th century who tracked the Ascent of Man, Jake Bugg musician rose to prominence with lightning speed, Jacob Epstein enfant terrible who became grand old man of sculpture, Jake Gyllenhaal  one of the two ‘gay cowboys’ in Brokeback Mountain, Jake La Motta the Raging Bull boxer from the Bronx, Jacob Rees-Mogg old fashioned yet rising political personality, Jacob Roggeveen looked for Australia and found Easter Islands, Jacob Rothschild giant in the world of finance, Jacob Schweppe pioneer of the world’s best known tonic water

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