Became a top 50 choice in the 1960s and is an Anglicised version of Jeremiah, the Old Testament prohpet


Jeremy comes from the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah who wasn’t known for looking on the bright side of life. Peaked as a popular choice in the 1960s when it was in the top 50 names.


Jeremy Bentham philosopher and reformer who founded University College London, Jeremy Clarkson irrepressible boy racer fell out of favour at Top Gear, Jeremy Corbyn unlikely leader of Labour party, Jeremy Deller is full of ideas for making art, Jeremy Guscott played a glorious game of rugby and now talks about it, Jeremy Hackett founded the clothing company for smart chaps, Jeremy Irons has played many roles and rides a big bike, Jeremy Kyle draws out human dramas on daytime tv, Jeremy Paxman is the inquisitor general at the far end of the day

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