Leo the lion and fire sign in the zodiac has always been linked to qualities of courage, confidence and loyalty


LEO is a name that has gained popularity over the past 30 years and is associated with positive virtues such as courage, ambition and generosity


Leonardo da Vinci one of the most creative and imaginative people of all time, Leonardo DiCaprio plays heroes and villains with equal authority, Leo Fender stamped his name on the electric guitar when rock and roll was born, Leo the Great sent off Attila the Hun with a flea in his ear, Leo McKern for ever Rumpole of the Bailey, Lionel ‘Leo’ Messi the world’s most fabulous footballer, Leo Sayer singing star of the seventies and beyond, Leo Szilard brilliant nuclear scientist who recoiled from the bomb, Leo Tolstoy epic writer who confronted life’s great challenges and dilemmas

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