Martin represents the warrior class and can be traced back to Mars the god of war. Became a popular choice from the 1960s


Martin can be traced back to Mars, the Roman god of war. It has been widespread through Europe across the centuries and came to prominence in the Uk from the 1960s


Martin Amis son of Kingsley and famous in his own write, Martin Bell the journalist in a white suit who pulled off an election sensation, Martin Clunes behaved badly on tv and then got grumpy in Cornwall, Martin Johnson England’s rugby hero who slipped up in management, Martin Luther whose attack on the Roman church triggered the Reformation, Martin Luther King civil rights leader who had a dream of racial equality, Martin Rushent influential record producer of punk and post-punk era, Martin Scorsese brilliant film director who wanted to be a priest, Martin Sorrell bought WWP a tiny business and made it world class

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