Patrick once a noble (patrician) name, now carries a sense of fun and celebration – thanks no doubt to the Irish


Patrick has a fine tradition as a noble (patrician) name and is linked in modern time with the enthusiastic Irish celebration of St Patrick’s Day, March 17


Patrick Abercrombie created the plan to rebuild bombed out London, Pat Cash won at Wimbledon and climbed into the crowd, Patrick Mollison saved lives and became the leading blood transfusion specialist, Patrick Moore explained the night sky on tv for 50 years, PJ O’Rourke satirist whose wit makes him the most quoted man alive, Saint Patrick made a huge impact in Ireland and is celebrated big time, Patrick Steptoe brought joy to many couples by developing IVF, Patrick Stewart took over the controls of Starship Enterprise, Patrick Swayze played the sexy hero of cult classic Dirty Dancing

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