Long time popular choice until the 1980s, Raymond has not yet been widely revived like Albert and Arthur


RAYMOND  was among the most popular names for boys through the last century, hitting a peak in the top 15 just before the second world war. Today, the name that originally came over with the Normans is on the rarity list.


Raymond Aubrac one of the most daring of the French Resistance undercover team, Raymond Blanc French chef who’s an essential part of the British restaurant business, Raymond Briggs captured the universal love of Christmas with his Snowman, Raymond Chandler lost his job and turned to crime – as a writer, Ray Charles brought soul music and r&b  into popular culture, Raymond Cusick designed and built the Daleks, Ray Davies the creative musical force in the Kinks, Ray Galton one half of the scriptwriting duo famous for Hancock and Steptoe, Ray Wilson one of the football heroes who won the world cup for England

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