Alice has been consistently popular for the past 100 years, it derives from the old German meaning noble woman


ALICE is a name that conveys a charming femininity (if we ignore Alice Cooper) that may have much to do with the enduring popularity of the Adventures of Alice in Wonderland


Alice Hertz-Sommer survived Nazi concentration camp by playing piano, Alice Keppell vivacious socialite and mistress of Edward VII, Alice Liddell widely regarded as Lewis Carroll’s model for Alice in Wonderland, Alice Munro the undisputed champion of the short story, Alice Neel one of America’s great painters and great eccentrics, Alice Roberts wants more girls to follow her into science, Alice Temperley a favourite designer for British and Hollywood royalty, Alice B Toklas ran the legendary Paris salon with Gertrude Stein, Alice Walker campaigning feminist who wrote The Color Purple

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