Alison provided Chaucer with lots of fun, as the name he gave to the saucy wife in the Miller’s Tale. Very popular in the 70s


Alison goes back to the Middle Ages and Chaucer gave the name to the saucy wife in The Miller’s Tale. More recently it hit a height of popularity in the 1970s.


Alison Cooper one of Britain’s few top women bosses, Allison Fisher went to the US and beat them at their own game, pool, Alison Goldfrapp singing half of the successful pop duo, Alison Hargreaves fearless mountaineer and mother who perished on K2, Alison Lapper artist whose nude statue stood in Trafalgar Square, Alison Lurie grande dame of America’s literary world, Alison Moyet eighties singing sensation rediscovered her voice, Alison Neilans one of the great radicals of the suffragette movement, Alison Steadman breezily wonderful in sitcom and satire.

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