Amelia enjoyed a spectacular revival during this century to become the number one choice for girls from 2011 to 2014


AMELIA rose from obscurity to become the number one choice for girls in England and Wales from 2011 to 2014. The most famous Amelia is the adventurous aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart who disappeared on a round the world flight


Amelia Barr classic case of a writer who overcame adversity, Amelia Bloomer popularised the knickers named after her, Amelia Bullmore actor who writes her own tv scripts, Minnie Driver gets rave reviews as actor and singer, Amelia Earhart the glamorous flyer whose disappearance remains a mystery, Amelia Freer nutritionist to the stars, Amelia Lily didn’t win X Factor but won plenty more, Amelia Opie literary star of the early 19th century, Amelia Warner sang the John Lewis Christmas song and gave up acting

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