Grace expresses elegance and loveliness ever since classical mythology revered the beauty of the Three Graces


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GRACE goes back to classical mythology and the influence of the Three Graces who bestowed beauty and charm. In modern times the hymn Amazing Grace is a mainstay of the African-American spiritual


Grace Bumbry pioneer black opera singer overcame early snubs and sang at the White House, Grace Coddington legendary and influential fashion director at Vogue, Grace Darling heroine of the storm who helped rescue shipwrecked travellers, Gracie Fields Lancashire lass and Britain’s first super star, Grace Jones a phenomenon in style across music and fashion, Grace Kelly stepped out of the movies to become a real princess, Grace Metalious peeled back the covers over Peyton Place, Grace O’Malley controversial Irish clan leader went face to face with Elizabeth I, Grace Slick quintessential sixties rock star.

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