Isabelle has spread to Britain mostly from France and Spain and has soared up the popularity chart in the last 20 years


IASBELLE is a pretty name that has spread from Mediterranean countries where it is the equivalent of Elizabeth. Isabelle has seen a strong surge in popularity in the UK


Isabelle Adjani stellar name in French film, Isabel Allende fled a coup and became a writer and humanitarian, Isabelle Caro brave but tragic model brought down by anorexia, Isabelle Duchesnay ice dancer who with her brother revolutionised routines, Isabelle Eberhardt assumed a male identity in a life of adventure, Isabelle Faust one of the most exquisite violinists, Isabelle Huppert French star with an international reputation, Isabelle Lucas demanded stronger roles for black actors, Isabelle Romee mother of Joan of Arc who fought for her daughter’s reputation

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