Jackie the popular short form of Jacqueline has always carried a sense of energy and fun; enjoyed a golden era in the 1960s


JACKIE is the popular short version of Jacqueline and often denotes a lively personality


Jackie Ballard a born campaigner from animals to alcoholics, Jacqueline Bisset went swimming in a t-shirt and started a craze, Jackie Collins became a byword for books on sex and showbiz, Jacqueline du Pre brilliant musician tragically laid low by illness, Jacqueline Gold turned Ann Summers into a shop for women, not men, Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis glamorous First Lady in the White House, Jacqueline Susann wrote Valley of the Dolls, one of the best ever best sellers, Jackie Trent one big chart topper and a hit maker for others, Jacqueline Wilson wrote about real life experiences that connected with young readers

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