Jill the spelling usually chosen as the shortened form of Gillian. It’s a name that conveys a sense of loyalty and fun


Jill is the spelling more frequently chosen as the short form of Gillian although Gill is also popular. We have combined them here


Gillian Anderson will always be known for agent Scully in the X-Files, Gillian Ayres put her energy into abstract art and set the standard, Gillian Clarke likes to discuss her poems with students by email, Jilly Cooper told tales of high jinks within the horsey set, Gillian Evans waged long war with Cambridge Uni for promotion, Gillian Flynn created the phenomenon that is Gone Girl, Gillian McKeith became well known nutritionist but faced challenges, Gillian Reynolds writes about radio and told Queen it was a fab job, Gillian Wearing uses random people in videos and won Turner prize

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