There has been a rapid rise in popularity for both Lily and Lilly in the past 20 years as part of an Edwardian revival


LILY and LILLY The spelling with one ‘l’ is more frequently chosen by parents taking Lily to a place in the top five names for girls


Lily Allen dropped out of school and became a star via MySpace, Lilian Baylis put the Old Vic on the theatrical map, Lily Cole was a teenage model, a Cambridge double first and then turned to acting, Lily Donaldson has been talked of as the ‘next Kate Moss’, Lily James found that Cinderella’s cinema slipper was a perfect fit, Lillie Langtry dazzled the Prince of Wales but could never be queen, Lilly Maxwell by clerical accident became the first woman to vote in a parliamentary election, Lilly Pulitzer invented a summer dress that never went out of fashion, Lily Tomlin stands out as America’s funny woman

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