Madeleine is really a French name deriving from Mary Magdalene whose remains were thought to have turned up in France.


Madeleine, originally a French name that became a popular choice in the UK through the first years of this century


Madeleine Albright foreign affairs chief in the Bill Clinton presidency, Madeleine Astor pregnant Titanic survivor whose wealthy husband perished, Madeline Bell backing singer who stepped up to the  Melting Pot, Madeleine Carroll ice cool British blonde who starred for Alfred Hitchcock, Madeleine Damerment courageous Resistance agent caught by Gestapo, Madeline Smith saucy comedy star of 1970s television and film, Madeleine Stowe actor wrote a screenplay and was determined to direct it, Madeleine Thompson turned the beanie hat into a must-have fashion item, Madeleine Vionnet pioneered the bias cut in design and everyone followed

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