Margaret classic name for queens and churches and a certain prime minister. Hugely popular during mid-20th century


Margaret was one of the most popular names from the Roaring Twenties to the end of the war. It now has a more exclusive quality


Maggie Alphonsi hard tackling star of England women’s rugby, Margaret Atwood acclaimed novelist with a scary view of the future, Margaret Barbour kept waxed jackets on trend for 40 years, Margot Fonteyn exquisite ballerina who danced with Nureyev, Mata Hari too exotic for her own good and shot as a spy, Princess Margaret bit of a playgirl and the first royal divorcee,  Margaret Mitchell whose only novel was a sensation, Maggie Smith leading actress from Jean Brodie to Downton Abbey, Margaret Thatcher Britain’s ‘iron lady’ and first woman PM

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